Thursday, May 14, 2009

In Search of : Best Freelance Sites

This morning I just get my mind thinking about getting a freelance jobs, so I googling for the best freelance sites out there. A good point that someone write on a forum (sorry I forgot which site is it) is that freelancing is about yourself, how you choose the right jobs, raise your rate while in the same time raising your expertise and gain reputation.. yes having right place to get work is important too, making sure that you'll get paid after finishing tasks that was given to you.

Ok, I will say first that I'm not a (successfull) freelancer (yet), I'm trying to be one of, but still in search of which niche that I could and should enter. Here I will give short explaination about several freelancer site which some freelancer said it's a good site to search, bid, and get a job. This list is in no particular order. (Start, January 2001)

Quote From RentACoder About Page
Rent a coder was the brainchild of Ian Ippolito, the CEO of Exhedra Solutions, Inc. As a programmer himself, Ian had been receiving too many requests for custom programming. After turning away paying customer after paying customer he realized that there was a need that was not being met. In January of 2001 he began sketching out the idea while on training trips and a long vacation in Italy. By the middle of the year the site was ready to go live. A year later in March 2003, the site facilitated 1,478 successful software projects per month, and that number has grown substantially since (up to date stats are here). The majority of buyers on the site are from the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia (in order of volume). The majority of coders are from the United States, India and Romania (in order of volume). (USA, started August 2000) originated in 1998 as and several other similar sites that consolidated as in 2000.

In Less than one year, the site attracted more than 50,000 registered users. Guru's Mission is to provide businesses with the most efficient platform to connect and perform transactions with freelance professionals locally, nationally, and globally. (USA, Founded in 1998)

One of the largest freelance sites. Elance charges the freelance providers to just be listed on the sites so if you have no money to spend, you might want to choose Scriptlance or RentACoder. (Canada, started in 2001)
Scriptlance provides users with escrow payment options to help projects get completed smoothly. Best if you want really cheap coding
 (Sweden, started in February 2004)

For Professional programmers, interpreters and graphic designers. There is a free escrow system for freelancers and buyers

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Forgotten (first) home

Once upon a time....

I started this blog, ummm, about five years ago. start with this welcome post. Actually this blog started perhaps in 2003 or maybe 2002. when blogs was not hype yet. I have install a blog machine on a free hosting in that time. forgot the address but it works. As far as I remember it use text files as database and in that time I try to write fiction and something poetic. but that's the past.

Before installing a blog machine actually I have registered to blogger, yeah, when blogger is still owned by Pyra. befer pyra was acquired by google. but I feel blogger is so slow even for updating or adding a blog post. perhaps it's because a slow internet connection in that time

Five years doesn't mean I become a famous blogger or something like that. No, not at all. I Still a blogger which blog just have a small amount of traffic. but I still love blogging.

Even that this is my first blog, currently I usually post on Entahlah.... so this blog a little bit forgotten. but I will try to write more often here. no promise. but I'll give it a try