Thursday, December 08, 2005

This week...........

  • The Internet Connection still suck, I think there's something wrong with MIKROTIK on FE UNDIP NOC(a.k.a. Ruang Data), no idea on how to fix it. Just think to make a new proxy so that The Internet Connection in lab1 will use faculty's network. if it works nice, I'll ask the Admin and his boss to kill the Mikrotik.
  • My Dans is running, but she's not logging. The worst thing is that it's not blocking the "must be blocked" stuff. I think I'm fall in love with dans, but........
  • Finally we got a new assisstant to be our friend, work partner, and more than that we hope family.
  • Some Comment in SIMAWEB Hot Message about UPKFE Daily Performance, some of them are developing comments but some of them sucks comments. We working hard guys to give our best! (and one thing that all of you have to know that, OUR LOVELY FACULTY NEVER GIVE US MONEY TO MAINTAIN THIS LAB! We MAINTAIN The Labs OURSELF)
  • Some Computer is fall into a high level of error, including the Windblo$$$$. We plan to clone it again this weekend. Hopefully it won't be a nightmare again.
Just That for now

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