Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I slow myself down

This blog have been accompanying me for almost two years now. I saw my first post is on december 2004. having one blog in that time (perhaps) is not enough for me, especially because no tag or categories in blogspot so I have to post everythings in one page without categories. so I decide making another spesific blog for myself. even further, when I start knowing blogsome, and then wordpress, supersized and now the newest one vox, I made a new account on each of them.

Since the time when my Lovely (damn) network administrator list blogger and blogspot on squid's ACL deny I start writing on wordpress, yes, I can put my post on categories. actually there's one thing that seens annoying the HTML editing stuff, but now it better because it looks like blogger which I love much, I can't post any single post without modifying the HTML, even just justifying the paragraph. So, for now I will write more on This blog is not dead, I just need a rest writing here and start to write on another blogs of mine.