Monday, February 27, 2006

I'm back

honestly I have no Idea on what must I put as the title of this post. last friday morning I'm back from A.....I'm not sure what to say, perhaps holiday...but I have a course there, whatever it named I went to jakarta for 10 days. I take a java course there. When I was in Jakarta, several damn thing happen in my lovely working place, UPKFE, the most terrible thing is about the network connection, yes they(Read : ruang data) did it again, and again they held a f00l meeting when I'm not available. It doesn't mean that I'm an important boy here. I'm just a f****** office boy(just and intermezzo, the first day I come to the lab, I have to brought our recycle bin downstair because it already full, thanks to ade who help me), a culprit perhaps. ya ya ya, but...... ah forget it. Just that for today. I have so many things to write but I just can't write it. see ya.

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