Friday, November 25, 2005

Todo list

Fuhhh, several next days will be some busy days. here I list some of them
  • Proxy Tune Up, and perhaps new proxy machine installation.
  • Setting Up new IBM xseries 226 Server for web server
  • MIESP Website
  • UPKFE Website
  • LDAP Development, Writing technical Report
  • Business Communication Course mid-term paper.
  • Lobbying Mas Admin so that UPKFE Repository accesible from all the rest of the faculty.
  • If No 6 Success, setting up some repo.
  • New Assistant Interview ( it will be held the last day next week)
  • New Comers Training (We not me. Rian, Budi and will also train the NC)
If I'm that busy, so when could I write a book, and articles? I plan bobok in campus tonight, actually not bobok, because I will have a long oprek night (perhaps), or just .....................

Somebody Help me!!!!!!!!!!!11111

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