Thursday, September 01, 2005 and book.............

Yesterday I bought two Import books at Gramedia Bookstore, it is the last discount day for import books, that's why I force myself to bought it. The First one is "the dragon" (just in case you don't know you can read about The Dragon at Wikipedia or Jargon) Nice book I think, I haven't read it yet but several months ago I borrow it from university Library, just a photocopy, but it really suck, that's why I didn't copy it. Fortunately, now I can get an original International Edition. before I bought it, I read a commentary in amazon just like another book it get both comment saying that it's a good book but another said that it's an awful book. But AFAIK most Compiler class use this book(if you teach compiler class in CS and using another book, please comment with your reason why) that's why although it's too theoritical I just bought it. The second one is Practical Object-Oriented Development with UML and Java it also nice, it's written py practitioners in software engineering. I can't give much comment now, perhaps later when I finished reading it. Today I Also bought UML Distilled by Martin Fowler. It's an Indonesian Translation, not The original One. it's published by Andi Publisher I thinks it also nice.

Enough for technical books, now it's time for another books that is in my wait reading-list. From Mbak Nanha I borrow "Nikmatnya Pacaran Setelah Pernikahan(NPSP)" and "Gue Never Die : Kerenkan diri terus nikah dini". When I'm back from home I also brought my dad books, "Tafsir Fii Dhzilalil Qur'an Jilid 1" and "Syarah Hadist Arbain". That the islamic books. From the fiction books I haven't finished yet reading A.A Navis short story collection(it's indonesian and I forgot the exact title), as far as I remember just several story left, but it's OK, I still have "Ronggeng Dukuh paruk" here.

And.......there are a lot more books on my reading list. Tomorrow I'll get a long weekend holiday, hopefully I can read more books in that range of time. Have A nice Read and hack guys

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