Thursday, June 02, 2005

Happy Birthday Rian.........

Today is Rian Saputra (a.k.a. Rian188, a.k.a delonge85) 20th birthday. I met him for the first time when we were interviewed before we join UPKFE. Nice to have a friend like him, he's smart, he is an expert in statistics(esperically practical statistics with SPSS), Graphics Design, and so many different areas in computing. Just Saying "HAPPY BIRTHDAY".

Semoga tambah pinter, terutama tentang komputer(dan tentunya jangan lupa ngajari aku kalau udah ahli), taat ma ortu, rajin kuliah, cepet lulus, cepet dapet gebetan, terus jadi pacar and married, he he he. Be Creative and gambatte kudasai deh!

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Anonymous said...

happy birthday juga untuk ryan!
to ryan: you r young, have fun and enjoy your time and be gratefull for all the great things come to you...because you dont know what might come tommorow....alfa