Monday, May 30, 2005

Python Marketing and The Web

Nice Presentation by Ian Bicking about "Python Marketing and The Web", and this one "Why Web Programming matter most". Actually I get this presentation from John Lim(the Creator of PHP's ADODB) site. He wrote about PHP and python, say, comparison. He said in the title that

Python never had a chance against PHP
he gives several point there why python never had a chance he also said
Python's design is elegant and appeals to computer scientists (me too, I have a CS degree from Melbourne). PHP has a more pragmatic flavour that is probably appealing to web programmers. For example, in Python, $_GET and $_POST are implemented in libraries, and not within the language itself; the mentality of a computer scientist is to do things right, not provide shortcuts for the convenience of mere html hackers ;)

As a newbie, I Learn both language, python and PHP, but to be honest I play most on PHP in the web stuff. there are some delayed-to-online web project that I made with PHP. Not a PHP application actually, some of them just a custumization of existing PHP app, and the other I wrote a simple PHP scripts.

I heard python since I know Linux, It's about 4 years ago. but just have a chance to learn it since feb 2003, although until now I just can write a line or two in python. Everybody knows that there are lots of Python app for the web, I'm not sure to call it app or framework, like webware, Spyce, PSP. etc(sorry I forgot the rest). and of course the most well known is Zope. Until now, I just have play with zope, it's nice but really complex framework. Needs a lot of time to learn it. Let's see will python take an important role on the web area?

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