Friday, May 13, 2005

Happy Birthday RSA

Nggak tau deh harus bilang apa dan gimana yang jelas "Happy BirthDay" buat RSA. semoga panjang umur, tambah taat ibadahnya, patuh ma ortu, cepet lulus (and Married mungkin?). dan semoga cepet kenal sama aku, he he he

So....Who is RSA?

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alfa said...

well...i dont know how i can give a commant...i mean everything here is so technical (and honestly i dont get it!) i tell you something....i got Ph.d in computer science...Ph.d is Philosophicly DUMD he....he...
But i've promised you and it's feel so bad for not keeping your promise, right?
so this is my commant!
i tell you a story......when i was in the 2nd grade of h-school i thought i was fallin in love with a friend. but, as a girl in our society, i didnt have any choice but keeping the truth inside. The feeling remains today, though not as strong as it was. But questions left: what excatly he felt about me? did he like me or did not? what would have happened if i told him the truth? what about if he got the same feeling? those question never find their answers.
i have another friend, a girl, on the day near to her wedding day meet her friend, a boy that she fell in love with when she was at secondary school, and find out the truth that the boy also fell in love with her. It may not change nothing, but something might be defferent if both of them especially the boy (we are eastern, remember?)spoke out his least, they'll have a memory....
what i am gonna tell you is if you like someone, speak out! tell her that there somebody right here wanna know her! dont dream she will know that there is a young man named panji without you try to talk to real panji, cos you r real!
talk to her, introduce yourself...(as simple as that..!)
i dont see any problem r a have no social restriction..(you wouldnt call bitchy like the girls would, if they do so)
you know what...perempuan itu seperti gunung es, yang walaupun kelihatan kokoh tetapi bisa juga meleleh....perempuan juga seperti batu, yang walaupun kelihatan keras tapi bisa belubang juga!
but.....finally...i know to say is easier than to do....if i am on your situation i'll think a lot before doing so...whatever yo wanna do, let your heart lead you the way.
just feel gratefull that you can be in love...just enjoy this moment ...
(and....i suggest you to read a lyrics of babra straisand and celine dion called 'tell him''s telling your felling right know, trust me)